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Over the past 10 years, I've helped numerous brands unlock enormous opportunities, through inspirational brand strategy, stories, and events. 

I believe that the best outcomes begin with a strong strategy. Why are we here? How might we create a purpose-driven brand? How can we foster community among our staunchest advocates? Answering these questions helps get to the heart of the matter. Literally. I've helped brands like IBM and Dow design storytelling strategies that expand their brand, and I've helped social sector leaders like PYXERA Global reinvent their brand to maximize their impact.

Good strategy only counts if you can put it into action. Flawless operations are key to successful outcomes. I'm curated and produced numerous events, including the Global Engagement Forum, and the inaugural TEDxTysons event. I've designed community engagement plans that have successfully doubled engagement, again and again. 

Dotting your 'i's' and crossing your 't's' means getting the details right. As a workshop facilitator, I help organizations diverge their thinking and converge on the best way forward. I help storytellers find the words to convey their experiences in writing and on camera. And I design social media strategies that amplify impact to move audiences to action.