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I've helped numerous brands unlock enormous opportunities, through inspirational brand strategy, stories, and events. 

Why are we here? How might we create a purpose-driven brand? How can we foster community among our staunchest advocates? Answering these questions helps get to the heart of the matter. Literally. So let me ask you: how can I help?



How can immersive experience change your mind? In my 2017 talk on The Transformative Power of Purpose I examined the heartfelt purpose  that glows inside of each of us, and how we might unlock it to build a better world.



It's only with the help of compassionate, creative souls that the change we wish to see in the world becomes possible. I hope you'll fill in the form below so we can get to know each other.

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Human. centered.

I use human-centered design and open ideation to create collaborative workshops that inspire action and catalyze change. Check out my public workshops to see this work in action and learn how to engage for change.

Engage for Change

Heptagon Productions designs ambitious activations that empower your audience. Our brand experiences amplify vision and motivate action.

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